Data training program

BigDataMachine empowers your business with knowledge of resources, processes, and tools that your data-centric organization can leverage. The program is presented in thematic blocks.

Features of the BigDataMachine Training Program:

Update the knowledge of your company team in order to have tools that allow you to plan data projects focused on the business, understanding the technological resources, processes and people that are required for each objective.

For whom it is addressed?

Companies, organizations or educational institutions that wish to train their members in the concepts, applications and cases focused on data, technologies and processes.

Thematic Blocks

  • The program is divided into thematic blocks lasting three hours each.
  • The entire program is designed gradually to incorporate knowledge progressively by stage and degree of understanding. But the blocks can also be ordered independently.
  •  The program can be requested in person, at no additional cost, for Argentina and Uruguay or virtual.
  • The maximum capacity per group is 15 people, with the option of customizing according to the needs of each company or organization, without altering the personalized follow-up to each student.