Competition Analysis I Piporé

Objective of comparing behavior and experience of the client at each stage of the life cycle of the brand itself with other brands in the industry.

With more than 80 years in the yerba industry, the Cooperativa de Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó, which produces and distributes yerba mate Piporé from Misiones, Argentina, stands out for bringing its flavor to the world, distinguishing itself with the Export Award 2019 being the most popular brand in Arab countries.


A competition analysis project was carried out through continuous monitoring of data on social networks and the internet using the BigDataMachine platform with the aim of comparing customer behavior and experience at each stage of the brand's life cycle with others. industry brands. Competitor analysis allows you to constantly compare the strengths and weaknesses of a product or service at different stages of the life cycle.

In order to optimize the effectiveness of marketing strategies in mass consumption we developed the project for the compilation and analysis of feelings about the mentions that users make on the internet about yerba mate brands. Gustavo Barutta - BSA Business.


The analysis of competition segmented by classification in stages of the sales cycle allows to deepen customer satisfaction and their experience in each of these stages by analyzing the SWOT with respect to their competition.

The solution is offered through a membership that provides access to a platform that contains a dynamic data management dashboard and a second visualization dashboard. In the first dashboard, data is constantly captured from the internet and the data is automatically managed and audited, including classification and sentiment.

Meanwhile, on the visualization platform, the information is represented through dynamic graphs that facilitate the interpretation of results.

Data Management and Analysis

Once the accesses to the user are generated, the technology performs all the data processing automatically. To convert the data into relevant information according to the monitoring objective, the information was classified according to the sales cycle funnel. Namely:

Publicize and Learn
Buy and Hire
Pay for what is purchased

In this way, each information captured from open internet data is classified according to the corresponding stage. Thus, an advertisement or promotion is labeled in the first stage "Make You Know and Learn" or an opinion from networks about brand love is labeled in the "Loyalty" stage. By volume and feeling of each stage, the analysis begins to be interpreted.


Under daily observation, the stages are evaluated, compared with the competition and aspects, among other things, related to:

Promotion in relation to discounts, raffles, prizes.
Channels in relation to coverage, replenishment, exhibition
Buying experience.
Claim aspects: about the product, service, channel, communication.
Price impact.
Products in relation to application, performance, taste, purity, quality, size, packaging, information, competition
Price in relation to profit, savings, variability, differences between channels, competition.
Services in relation to experience, recommendation, attention, response, delivery, guarantee and competition.

From the above, some example indicators:

50% of the total data volume corresponds to competition B, negatively due to a peak in data volume corresponding to viralized mentions on social networks as a complaint about the price increase. In this case, the mentions were labeled as "Pay for what was purchased" and represents a weak point of competition B against Piporé.
Piporé stood out, during the analysis period, for presenting the lowest percentage of negative sentiment compared to the other brands analyzed.

If the volume of classification of mentions and sentiment is analyzed, it is observed that competitors A and B have volumes of impact mentions in the “Buy” stage. In both, the price factor in the customer's purchase decision is very relevant.

Likewise, within the life cycle process for Piporé the positive sentiment of the mentions that were generated in the "Use" and "Fidelize" stages is highlighted, where the qualities and characteristics that the pot stands out from the herb are known, the preferred product is the sublime yerba and the most appreciated characteristic "the softness of the yerba mate".

Through continuous data analysis, the missionary cooperative was able to analyze the behavior and experiences of its clients throughout the entire life cycle.

Thus, the performance of your products, services, and communication and marketing strategies is optimized by providing the yerba mate that your customers prefer.